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Have You ever heard of a
Swedish Stove, Canadian Torch?
It's a great way to cook while camping or just being in your backyard

These stoves are easy to light by stuffing a little paper or kindling in the top center hole

You don't get the smoke that comes with a camp fire

No gathering or purchasing expensive bundles of wood
No refilling a propane tank

They are not heavy, and take up little room in the trunk or back area of your car

These 10 inch diameter, 16" in length stoves, will burn 2 to 3 hours
The more "pie pieces" the quicker and hotter it burns.

These 8 "pie piece" stoves are made to burn hot and fast
Where a 4 or 6 "pie piece" stove will burn longer with less heat.

Swedish Stove 1 of 6 Swedish Stove 6 of 6 Swedish Stove 64 of 6

And I make them from different species of wood
These happen to be White Birch

Placing a few small rocks on the top allows a more even flow of heat,
when cooking with a basket or fry pan.

A few holes were drilled in the top of the stove to store a few small branches
for free range toasting of hot dogs and marshmallows

Swedish Stove 1 of 6 Swedish Stove 6 of 6 Swedish Stove 64 of 6

There are some good videos on You Tube, showing how these things work
I will be uploading my own videos, once I return home

Swedish Stove,     Swedish Torch,     Canadian Candle.     Click Here and Check it out

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