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A provider of Home Services in the Cedar Pond, Milan New Hampshire, and close surrounding area

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I am a 65 year old, Caucasian Male, who grew up in the New England Area of the USA.
My family did not have a lot of money, so at a young age, I began learning how to repair and maintain a home.
Carpentry, Masonry, and Gardening came first, with soon to follow Plumbing and using a Chainsaw and Splitting Maul,
as to gather the Winter Wood Supply.
As I got older Roofing and Electrical Wiring were added to the list.

My first job as an adult,was in Protype Engineering, working with Electrical and Hydrauics involving Plastic Injection Molding.
At that time the USA was converting from metal pails, metal car dash boards,
metal fender liners, and metal furniture consoles.

Since then I dabbled in the Logging Industry, Mining Exploration, Steel Fabrication, and at 36 years of age
I began a 10 year adventure with the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

Building and maintaining Railway Locomotives and the Coaches along with maintaining the buildings
located in severe weather conditions, leaving me with an interesting list of experiences.

I am offering my services to those of you located in the CedarPond / Milan local area.

Framing and Finish Carpentry including doors, windows, and cabinets; Light Plumbing and Electricity;
Composite Floors, Creative Garden Fixtures, Tree Limbing, and on site Small Engine Repair
Interior and Exterior Painting; Roof Repair; and what ever other home issues that may need addressing

I work alone, and clean up my mess, so that you would never know that I have been at your home.

I will come to your home and give you a free estimate, and in return, if you choose to use my services,

I expect to be paid in full at the completion of the job.

I am a Raw Living Vegan, and have been practicing this Life Style for many years
I offer One on One in Home Instruction, Group Instruction, and I am available to conduct classes in venues
such as churches, schools, and Open Public Areas.
I teach the art of making fresh juices, smoothies, dehydrated crackers,flat breads, and granola
I also work with probiotic beverages such a Kombucha, Ginger Bug, Cider and Vinegar, and foods
including Sauerkraut and Kimchee.
I prepare Gourmet Dishes using Delicious Fruits and Vegetables

My products are Gluten Free. I use No or Little Salt, I replace refined sugar with soaked Dates, Figs, Apricots and other fruits
If you are concerned about sugar,I recommend a quality source of Stevia.

My flours are made with Brown and Golden Flax, Chia, SunFlower, Walnuts, Almonds and Brazil Nuts.

Try this Lifestyle for 30 days and YOU WILL FEEL BETTER


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